How to Stop Binge Eating? 12 Tips To Try!

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Do you have the guilt of eating twice within an hour? If yes, then there is nothing to be ashamed of. Binge Eating Disorder is a mental illness where the urge to have food comes automatically. There can be several binge-eating episodes in your life, but that shouldnt be ignored. Many healthcare experts believe that binge eating is the most common reason for obesity. However, making the right lifestyle choices can help you recover from this compulsive eating disease.People who have been diagnosed with BED may consume food even when theyre not hungry. It is unusual but can contribute to life-threatening disorders as well. This blog highlights how to stop binge eating and its related treatments. Lets start!

What is Binge Eating?

Binge Eating is one of the most common eating disorders among young adults. Although some may not consider it the same as any disease, it is what it is. This is characterized by frequent episodes of binge eating and feeling unable to stop the urge. However, victims may eat large quantities of time in one session itself. Besides, recovery from binge eating may take some time, but it is treatable.

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Why do I snack at night?

There are several reasons why people snack at night, including boredom, stress, habit, or simply being hungry due to not eating enough during the day. Additionally, they might be hungry because they need to eat more during the day. Some people also like to snack while watching TV or doing other fun things before bed because it feels comforting.

12 Tips to Stop Binge Eating at Night

Most importantly, making informed dietary decisions must be combined with a treatment plan to get effective results. Fortunately, there are various helpful tips to eliminate this chronic condition.A few of the most helpful tips to control binge eating may include the following:

#1 Do not Skip Meals

Firstly, you should set a regular eating schedule and stick to it without fail. In addition, skipping meals may increase food cravings and lead to overeating. Many individuals having one big meal at a time may face the evils of obesity reluctantly. They may activate the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin to a greater extent. Thus, taking three meals per day in a specific time gap is recommended. However, sticking to a regular eating schedule can be beneficial.

#2 Ignore the Diet

Whether you are undergoing binge eating problems or are simply thinking about controlling your inner desire to eat, try to ditch restrictive eating methods. Mostly, people may show predictive binge eating patterns, which shouldnt be overlooked. Nevertheless, do not just cut some groups of foods after suspecting binge eating disease. Following that, try to incorporate healthy changes in the diet now and then. Take more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to promote better health amidst binge issues.

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#3 Remain Hydrated

Drinking 7 to 8 glasses of water or more can be a brilliant area to curb cravings. Many studies report that water intake may reduce hunger and calorie intake naturally. In addition, people may boost their metabolism and aid in weight loss significantly. Besides, the amount of water that must be taken may differ depending upon several factors. Even healthcare providers have supported water consumption to decrease overeating symptoms. Just drink whenever you are thirsty to ensure proper hydration.

#4 Do Yoga

Yoga enhances relaxation and relieves stress in both the mind and body. Several breathing exercises, poses, and meditation techniques encourage healthy eating habits. Besides, individuals can avoid emotional eating if they practice yoga continuously. Studies found that when outpatient eating disorder treatment is done along with yoga, people get rid of anxiety, depression, and body image disturbances. However, the stress hormone cortisol can be kept under control through yoga by preventing binge eating.

#5 Clean your kitchen

Generally, keeping lots of junk food in the kitchen may trigger a binge eating disorder. Besides that, keeping healthy foods near the victim may reduce emotional eating risk and reduce unhealthy food options. It is an OCD that must be tackled by removing chip packets, candies, and pre-packaged foods. Just remember to stock your kitchen with plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein-rich foods, nuts, and seeds to decrease the possibility of binge eating.

#6 Take more Fiber

If you want to keep yourself full longer, go for fibrous foods. Research proved that fiber intake might cut down cravings and reduce appetite. Many individuals experienced a decrease in their hunger by taking vegetables twice a day. Besides, the intake of prebiotic fiber daily may increase specific hormones resulting in reduced feelings of hunger. It is necessary to note that Fiber is loaded with fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Ask your nutritionist to recommend a more fibrous diet.

#7 Have Breakfast Daily

Beginning your day with a hearty breakfast can be an excellent option for skipping binge eating. Many doctors have supported that maintaining regular eating patterns can be associated with less binge eating. In addition, people may balance the ghrelin hormone that can stimulate hunger feelings. Besides that, knowing the right food choices may help control the urge to eat food. Nevertheless, consumption of protein-rich oatmeal may improve appetite control significantly. Always combine fiber-rich foods with protein to avoid overeating every time.

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#8 Have Proper Sleep

If you are bothered about how to stop binge eating you may find your solution inadequate sleep. Sleep may impact hunger levels and appetite, but sleep deprivation may have an adverse effect. In addition, people with insomnia may quickly become the victim of binge eating. Unfortunately, a shorter sleep duration can significantly influence binge eating. Further, individuals who sleep less than 8 hours may also witness higher body weight. Focus on 8 hours of sleep every night to avoid any deadly condition.

#9 Start Going To The Gym

Many experts have opined that starting exercises can prevent binge eating. By increasing weekly exercise frequency, binge eating can be stopped entirely. Besides, individuals may get rid of their stress levels by indulging in thorough exercises. Furthermore, emotional eating may be controlled by enhancing the mood broadly. In addition, one can go swimming, running, biking, and playing sports to contribute to physical activities.

#10 Start Making Friends

Talk to a friend or someone close to you when you feel binging. In addition, individuals may require reliable support to decrease their tendency of binging. Besides, people can experience less stress if they have good friends. Further, it may also aid in coping with bad habits of emotional eating. Whenever you feel like binge eating, call your friends or trusted family members.

#11 Plan Meals

Genuinely, a person who has repeated episodes of binge eating must plan their meals wisely. Measuring the portion sizes can be of utmost help in staying away from excess eating. Individuals have realized that diet quality improvements can be achieved this way. Simultaneously, obesity can be controlled mainly with planned meals. Also, ensure rotation of meals after each week.

#12 Take Help

Undoubtedly, every small strategy to control the eating urge can be helpful, but it is essential to consult a professional. Many times, treatment may bring bingeing into control quickly. Besides, medical experts may give several medications or therapies to treat the underlying condition resulting in binge eating. It is essential to realize the necessity of expert care before anything serious happens.

How to stop binge eating when high?

Usually, eaters may have feeling of shame and guilt after eating food without giving a second thought. Binge eating while high isnt a safe option for any age group. Afew things that can be done stop binging when high may include:

1. Go For Balanced Diet: Consider having a balanced diet before gettingstoned. By this, your huge food cravings can be controlled and the urge to eat can get minimized.

2. Keep Healthy Snacks: When you are acquainted with your habit ofbinge eat then keep something healthy to munch with you. Be it fruits orvegetables, do not compromise with your nutrition.

3. Keep Yourself Distracted: Distract yourself by taking a short walk or talking with your friend. Recent food cravings can be belt greatly in this way.

4. Dont get harsh: Acknowledge the need of small treats and be kind to yourself. Make sure of having conscious choices each time while taking your meal.

What are the Binge Eating Disorder Medication Options?

Initially, doctors may use cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling to address binge eating disorder.At times, medications and therapy together is recommended by the doctor. Obviously, various binge eating medications are marketed for reducing food cravings and those are valid.Consider having naltrexone for binge eating because it can lower the appetite rightly. Your metabolism may get normalized with only a low dose of this medication. However, go for exercises and maintain a routine otherwise obesity may grasp you badly.

What are the symptoms of Binge Eating?

Binge Eating Disorder symptoms may not be the same for everyone. The binge eating episodes wont recover suddenly, but they will happen.A few of the main symptoms of Binge Eating disorder may include the following:

  • Eating very fast and not noticing how the food tastes.
  • Emotional eating
  • Keeping foods in hidden places to access later
  • Consuming more than the satisfaction level.
  • Avoid social eating and enjoy eating alone.
  • Having large amounts of food even when not hungry.
  • Guilt or shame after eating excess food.

What are the possible complications of Binge Eating Disorder?

Almost all mental disorders may hamper the thought process, feelings, and behavior. At times, BED can bring incidences of obesity, which wont be suitable for overall health. Every individual with BED may not be obese, but you have to be cautious.Certain possible complications of Binge Eating Disorder may include the following:

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How can you recover from Binge Eating Disorder?

Typically, there is no quick but consistent treatment plan available to attain binge eating. Usually, doctors use Psychotherapy to treat this kind of serious problem. Binge eating disorder medications or nutritional advice are given to the patients. There may be a variety of psychologists or psychiatrists to interact with during the treatment.


Millions of people in the world are affected by Binge Eating Disorder, but they hardly realize the same. The psychological condition may slowly and gradually contribute towards life-threatening conditions. It is possible to overcome the disorder with proper treatment plans and lifestyle changes. I hope you get your answer to your query on how to stop Binge Eating. Meet your nutritionist, and dont delay in getting help.

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